5 Easy Steps to Choosing a Marriage Counselor in Redding, California

Posted By on Mar 2, 2018 |

Recently, a survey revealed that only 12 percent of marriage counselors have completed the education and clinical experience to offer quality services to clients. If you and your spouse feel the need to seek out the services of such a professional, you must be sure to find someone that has the knowledge necessary to help you through your issues.

couple researches marriage counselors

1. Start with a search.

The very best way to begin looking for a service provider of any kind will involve a simple Google search. Simply typing in the service you need and your location will give you local results. Some may be advertisements, but do not discount these providers for this reason alone. Advertising costs money and, most of the time, unsuccessful businesses cannot afford this luxury.

2. Read reviews.

Many of the search results generated by Google will include review websites, such as Angie’s List and Yelp. These sites are useful to users because the companies can pay to be listed, but they have no control over the reviews written about their business. When looking for something specific, like a marriage counselor, industry-based sites can also be useful in separating the good from the bad.

3. Ask others.

Unfortunately, as folks become older, more of their friends and family members have been through what are sometimes very trying times. If you and your spouse are having problems, chances are you know someone else that has as well – even if they haven’t discussed it with others. Perhaps you recently noticed a big improvement in how a couple you know is interacting. It never hurts to ask those couples where they learned those new skills.

4. Verify credentials.

Not every state requires a license to practice marriage counseling, but there are still ways to verify a therapist’s ability to provide these services. This type of counseling requires a lot of education and checking on one’s completion of this schooling can be done by contacting the schools or training programs of which a therapist claims to have attended. Don’t rely on a framed degree or the presence of a training certificate. Degrees are easily faked and not all training programs are the same.

5. Meet her.

The final thing you can do in order to choose the right marriage counselor for your situation will be to meet with them. At this time, you will be able to get a feel for the dynamic of the relationship and the compatibility of everyone’s personalities. If, after doing all of your homework, you meet with someone that seems genuinely interested in helping you learn how to solve your marital issues, and everyone feels comfortable with the relationship, then you have probably found a good match.

Finding a good fit for something as harrowing as marital problems need not be a challenge. By doing your research and knowing what you and your spouse need, you are sure to locate a skilled counselor able to assist you in getting back to the loving relationship you once knew.