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A kiss goodbye, a hug hello – do these small greetings really make a difference? Well, according to some interesting studies, men who kiss their wives in the morning live an average of 5 years longer than those who don’t. That says a lot about the importance of that kind of small, daily connection. When my husband and I got married, I decided to be very intentional about seeing him off when he left for the day and greeting him when he came home from work. I would stop what I was doing during that moment to kiss and hug him. As time went on, my habit faded away, because it didn’t seem worth it to interrupt my activities for such a small gesture. Eventually, I noticed that I started to feel forgotten and unimportant when my husband and I did not make the extra effort to greet one another with excitement and enthusiasm. Connecting physically or emotionally later in the evening started to feel like a chore. I had forgotten just how much communication happens through our smallest actions. When you greet your spouse with a kiss or hug, you communicate that you are happy with them and glad to see them. That kind of greeting says, “I love you, care for you, and want to be with you right now.” Taking a moment to stop what you are doing shows your spouse that nothing else is more important than them. They will feel like your first priority. Imagine what it does to your relationship when you feel like you are your spouse’s first priority every day. The simple act of pausing to greet one another will not only help the two of you feel connected, but will also set the tone for the rest of the your day together. It will help romance and deep conversation to flourish later in the evening. It is amazing to think that all of this could happen by just one simple gesture, but sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. As you can probably guess, as my husband and I have started to be intentional again about our greetings, we have both felt more appreciated, cherished, and important. A greeting does not ensure a perfect evening together, but will definitely help remind both of you that you care about and prioritize one another, which is a great foundation for building love.

Written by Krystal Burke