walking away from a dysfunctional, abusive marriage

Before I left my then husband, I fantasized about meeting the perfect partner who was everything he was not. Now, faced with the reality of finding that person, I wasn’t so sure I was all that spiffy. ‘Doing the work” on myself was painful and laborious, paved with loneliness and a struggle to believe God would both hear and answer my prayers. But it was good work and I wouldn’t change that time for anything—now that I’m on this side of it.

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Like the grief over losing a loved one or the pain of infertility, if you haven’t been through the experience of divorce and being single, you can’t offer comfort in the same knowing way as someone who has. It’s an unfortunate chasm, not one that can’t be crossed but one that adds to the loneliness of this new life.

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The Shame of Emotional Abuse

Posted By on Jan 23, 2014

Emotional abuse is often unintended but it is real and often more damaging than physical abuse. It brings powerlessness, fear, hurt and anger and comes couched as guidance, teaching and advice though its outcomes are belittling, erosion of self-confidence, esteem and value.

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