Christmas Caroling 

Posted By on Dec 8, 2013 |

I love this time of year and I enjoy reflecting on past Christmas’s we spent with the kids and the things we have done to make it special.  One Christmas sticks out in my mind.  We lived up in the mountains about 40 miles from town.  Neighbors were few and far between and we did not know many of them.  One of our neighbors, that we did know, had horses and we decided to put bales of hay in the back of his pickup and go Christmas Caroling on Christmas Eve.  It was a cold clear night and we were all bundled up to stay warm. We had our three adolescent kids and they had their daughter and the four of us adults. We had never gone Caroling before, so we did not know what to expect.

We drove down the first driveway which was quite a ways off the main road, stopped the truck and started singing Christmas Carols.  None of us could sing that well, but we sang as best we could and as loud.  Pretty soon the outside lights started coming on and people started coming out of the house.  At first they looked puzzled, but as they started realizing who we were and what we were doing, they totally got into the spirit of it.  As we were singing they started looking for things to give us, which we did not expect.  They found a bag of oranges and insisted that we take them.

We continued down the road with similar responses.  Everyone loved it.  One home invited us in for some hot chocolate, so we could warm up a little before driving down the country road in the freezing cold. It was so fun to see everyone relax and just enjoy the moment of the season.  It is something our family has never forgotten.  We moved the next year so never had the opportunity to do it again with them, but even if we had, I do not think it would have had the same impact on us that the first time had.

We are going up to our son’s and his family this year for Christmas and I am thinking about seeing if they would like to do it.  They live in town, but they have friends we could Carol to.  Not sure my 14-year-old grandson would want to sing, but we could disguise him if he didn’t want to be seen with us. Lol.  It is the season to bring joy to others and this is a forgotten way to celebrate the Christmas Season.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you find ways to remember this season as a time of joy and giving.  God sent His Son to give us life and I am so thankful for what He has done for me.

Vickie Parker, LMFT