Discover What Makes You and Your Spouse Happy to Have a Great Marriage

Posted By on Feb 7, 2016 |

Do you know what makes you happy? Do you know what makes your spouse happy?

My husband and I attended a couples seminar yesterday, sponsored by our church. The speaker was a man named Mark Gungor.  The title of the seminar was “Laugh Your Way” to a Better Marriage and he was hilarious. My husband and I have been intentional about attending couple’s seminars whenever we can, because it keeps our relationship fresh. It is like hitting the reset button in our marriage. It is a reminder to do the things we need to do, to make our marriage happy, and not do the things that make it unhappy.

Mark reminded us that if we are living a life that gives us purpose and meaning, we will be happy.  It is also important for us to know what makes our spouse happy. If we do not, we cannot be supportive of what their dreams are.  By knowing our spouse’s dreams, it gives us insight on why they do the things they do.  It may not make sense to us, but it does to them.  I always say, “Knowledge is Power” and the more we know about our spouse, the more we understand what makes them happy.

Do you know what makes your spouse happy?

Mark Gungor, has a “Flag Page” on his web site,, that allows you to see what you are good at and what words you need to hear from your spouse that will make you happy. There are 56 positive traits that you can choose from, that most describe who you are. It was fun to do and it was accurate on describing me.

If you would like to check out Mark Gungor’s Flag Page and discover what makes you happy in your life and also your spouse’s, go to  It will be a lot of fun. Do it together.

Vickie Parker, LMFT