Individual Counseling

Throughout her life, Vickie Parker, MFT, has made it her goal to enjoy an open and inspired life full of joy. Vickie became a marriage and family therapist in order to share those ideas with others who may be struggling with personal issues. Those seeking individual counseling in Redding, California and the surrounding areas have the opportunity to work with Vickie in an interactive, one-on-one, setting.

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.
— Marcus Aurelius

Active Assessment

Big or small, Vickie is prepared to listen to you speak about the issues you are facing in your life. She recently completed a three-day continued-education course in the specialized treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. However, the services she provides will also help those dealing with a host of personal challenges from stress management to more severe disorders.

Vickie will assess your situation on an individual basis and her evaluation will help you identify the source of your specific issues so they can be addressed before they become worse. This evaluation will help Vickie prepare a treatment plan for individual counseling that suits you best.

Tailored Treatment

Vickie will focus on how you function in both your personal life and in social situations in order to create a treatment plan appropriate to the task of helping you improve your sense of well-being, resolve crises, and reduce your feelings of distress.

Using evidence-based techniques, Vickie will help you learn the skills necessary to coping and overcoming your issues whether they are personal or socially-based. She will then closely monitor your progress, and make changes as needed, to be sure you are getting the most good from your treatment.

Regardless of your struggle, Vickie Parker, MFT, is highly-qualified to provide you with the best option for individual counseling in Redding, California. She also offers her services to couples.