What Legacy Would You Like to Leave?

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My brother’s Memorial Service was on Monday, July 28th, just 3 days before his 62nd birthday. The legacy that he left behind as a husband, father, brother, and friend is incredible. He loved his family more than anything and it was so evident by the way he lived his life.  Three days before he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he had driven his motorcycle over to Crescent City (about 3 hours away) to help his daughter move a green house.  He did not feel well, but he went anyway. His wedding anniversary was also on his birthday and they would have celebrated their 38th. He and Carol had a solid marriage and they traveled together often and their Sunday ritual was to go for a Latte after church.  He was a leader in Bible Study Fellowship for years and he had many friends from there.  He loved in-depth Bible Study and his faith was unshakable, especially through his illness.  He never complained and was never bitter against God for his cancer. He had two daughters and a son and they all adored him. They were by his bedside for the last week before he died.

His Memorial service reflected his life and the way he lived it.  He was a man’s man and he loved the outdoors.  About 3 early mornings a week he would take his canoe to Whiskeytown Lake and enjoy the beauty of the area just paddling around the lake.  He loved to ride his motorcycle, drive his sports car and hunt with his many guns. He would have loved to have been a gunsmith. He also loved to be on his tractor and move dirt around and build things.

The main message that people gave about Dwayne is that he was always giving.  No matter what he was doing, he always had time to help people.  He had a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face.  He loved life.

What would people say about you at your memorial service if you were to die early? If only we could live our life as though it may be our last.  Little things would not bother us near as much and we would spend time doing the important things with the people we care about.  Life is to short to through it away on trivial things that do not matter.

My brother was the greatest and we will all miss him terribly until we will see him again in a much better place, where there will be no more sickness and death. I can hardly wait! See you soon Dwayne.

Vickie Parker, LMFT

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