Learn to “Let It Go” With Help From Your Redding, California, Therapist

Posted By on Mar 29, 2018 |

Nothing in this world can be completely controlled. There are moments in everyone’s life in which they find themselves suffering from things they cannot change. Learning how to accept the uncontrollable events in our lives is essential to living a happy life at home, work, or out in the community.

man lets go after seeing therapist

Stop worrying.

The number one thing someone can do to improve their overall mood is to learn how to stop worrying about everything all the time. Sure, there are potentially dangerous times in our lives when worrying seems like the correct response, but this is not the case at all.

The only things a person has any control over are their own actions, and their reactions, to the events occurring around them. This isn’t to say you should allow yourself, or your children, to engage in dangerous activities, but there are better ways to handle these situations when they arise.

A little knowledge and careful preparation go a long way to reducing worry. For instance, there’s no need to worry about getting to work on time, even when traffic seems to fight against you because you always have the option of leaving your house a little earlier.

Reduce emotional pain.

Let’s face it, tragedy happens. From the loss of a loved one to a sudden financial crisis, these moments come without warning and have the potential of being very negative influences on our mood.

When tragedy strikes, many people find themselves running the events over and over in their minds. Unfortunately, allowing this to happen will quite often lead us to suffer from depression or substance abuse as we try to escape these thoughts.

Many clients who seek help from a therapist do so because they are unable to let go of their tragedy and reduce the overwhelming emotional pain they are feeling. Counseling services are the best way to learn how to accept what has happened without denying your feelings or allowing your homelife, relationships, and career to suffer.

Live stress-free.

Coming to the realization that you can’t control others and learning from the consequences of your own actions are the first steps to letting go of stress. In the end, we are all powerless to change the past or predict the future.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can cause some sufferers to pull back from family, friends, and society in general. Most of the time, those suffering from PTSD are simply trying to avoid the situations similar to those that caused them harm.

A well-trained therapist will counsel you on how to cope with the things that cause you stress and offer tools that will help you reduce that stress. It may help with learning how to budget your money or tricks to scheduling your life.

Decrease Anxiety.

Often associated with worry and stress, anxiety can not only occupy your time, it can also have negative effects on your physical well-being. These effects may include headaches, rashes, and indigestion.

Many of these effects can be reduced through hard work and solid communication. If something is causing you to feel unsure about a certain situation or upcoming event, it is more than necessary to let those around you know as they are often more willing to help you through it than you think.

Simple techniques such as deep breathing exercises are very useful to those who find themselves suffering from sudden anxiety. Prior preparation before attempting tasks is also highly recommended for decreasing the likelihood of anxiety should things not go as expected.

Kick bad habits.

All too often, our personal issues can lead us to seek an escape from what’s troubling us. Some people become workaholics while others turn to drug or alcohol abuse. These habits can be prompted by tragedy or personal crises.

No matter what the root cause of bad habits may be, allowing yourself to be handcuffed to your vices is an unhealthy way of living. Habitual behavior of any kind can overtake your life, cause health problems, and affect your relationships.

Seeking the services of a therapist will help you learn how to kick the habits that have consumed your life before they cause you more heartache, emotional pain, or relationship woes. Learning to let go of what has led you down a road of vice is not meant to be an escape from your problems, but instead, it will teach you how to accept them and grow in a healthy way.

Nobody is meant to live their life unsupported. As a society, we all must learn how to cope with life’s struggles, while also watching out for those around us. Do not be afraid to seek help with learning the skills you will need to let go of the events that have had such a large impact on your mental health.