3 Marriage Counselor Approved Exercises for Couples

Posted By on Nov 29, 2017 |

Do you feel disconnected from your significant other? It can be easy to get too involved in the activities of daily living and forget that we have chosen to embark on the journey of life with another soul. Between work, household chores, and soccer games, it can be difficult to effectively communicate and remain engaged with our partners.

However, couples can hang onto the spark that brought them together with just a few minutes of focused attention each week. The following list of exercises and games are sure to make you and your spouse talk, laugh, and maybe even cry, but in the end, your relationship will be made stronger.


1. Hold Meetings

For the business-minded folks, a weekly meeting may be the ticket for continued relationship success. Do not be fooled though, because this meeting is not about scheduling pickups or organizing upcoming household duties.

This is your chance to say everything you didn’t get the chance to say in the past week. Arguments may have been interrupted by life and this is your chance to finish them. You can also take this time to discover any unmet expectations or desires that your partner may have encountered since your last meeting.

Just be sure to enter these meetings with an open mind and heart. For best results, marriage counselors usually suggest 30 minutes of uninterrupted & distraction-free communication.

2. Ask Questions

Another fun activity that can be carried out all week, at any time, involves a jar full of questions. This little exercise is useful for busy couples as they can quickly pluck a slip of paper out of the jar, read it aloud, and each of them can easily answer the question as they dress for work or leave the house for the day.

The questions should be fun, but the answers informative. Those who answer the questions quickly and without hesitation are more likely to be honest in their responses so don’t ponder them for too long.

Make sure your questions will allow you to learn something about each other. If you honestly don’t know if your partner likes Thai food, then go ahead and include it, but most marriage counselors suggest questions that will build on the relationship, not just induce boring small-talk.

3. Learn Trust

Falling in love can be the greatest feeling in the world and can make you feel as if you are safe and secure in a new relationship. Unfortunately, as couples become more comfortable within that relationship, that bubble of trust can easily burst as the two find comfort and return to their normally scheduled lives of work and social events.

The best way to retain that level of trust is through constant communication. Building trust involves not only being reliable, but also laying it all out there, including the tough subjects. Couples should not be afraid to voice their opinions or ask questions about their spouse’s behavior. Even sharing your own fears and desires, following through on commitments, and giving gratitude can do a lot to keep the trust in your relationship as strong as it was in the beginning.

The internet is full of ideas that include road-trips, board games, and sweet treats. No matter what you choose to do, the idea is the same. Simply be together, in silence, laughter, or tears. Learn, love, and just be together without letting life get in the way.

Even if your marriage seems to be healthy and happy, that’s not a reason to neglect the relationship you have built it upon. If anything, these little games and exercises will only bring you closer together.