5 Effective Reasons to See A Marriage Counselor in Redding, California

Posted By on Oct 19, 2017 |

While traditionally recognized as a service for couples who are experiencing marital difficulties, marriage counseling can also be beneficial for couples ranging from newlyweds to those who’ve been married for decades. Beyond resolving any existing matters, these sessions can help avoid future conflicts by teaching you better communication skills and helping spouses communicate openly and honestly. Read on to learn more about the benefits of having a neutral party with a willing ear.

happily married couple hugging in front of house1. Learn to compromise.

Couples can disagree about key issues such as finances, child rearing, intimacy, employment, and other serious decisions that must be made. When partners simply seem to find no middle ground on their own, seeking out a good marriage counselor can be a positive step. As an objective third-party observer with resolution skills, counselors can often help couples come to a resolution.

2. Vent safely.

Some couples often have trouble speaking their mind, but those who do so can actually put their partners on the defense when venting—especially in haste. Whether one partner is holding back essential information or their true feelings, having a mediator such as a counselor can often help reluctant partners open up and share their thoughts, emotions, and even their fears, with one another.

3. Prevent skyrocketing problems.

When troubles begin to rear their head in a marriage, it’s typically regarded as sound advice to seek some type of couples counseling right away. As experienced mediators, they often help couples get to the source of their issues and find solutions that prevent them from becoming larger ones that could irreparably harm—or end—a once solid relationship. Rather than waiting until your marriage is hanging on by a thread, seek out a professional counselor at the first signs of discord.

4. Learn effective communication.

The ability to clearly communicate with one another in a respectful way is one of the most vital aspects of a healthy marriage. Couples need to understand how to both listen to and process information being presented by their partner and to do so without judgment, anger or resentment. Marriage counselors can help couples resolve their conflicts and express their feelings in healthy, productive ways.

5. Prevent divorce.

The true cost of divorce reaches far beyond financial concerns. Considering the cost of separating your family, the disagreements that will ensue over assets and lawyer fees, it only seems wise to seek out a couples counselor before giving up hope. Most individuals are surprised to discover just how affordable couples counseling can be, and those who chose to invest are making a solid investment in the future of their relationship. If your budget is tight, most counselors are happy to make a payment arrangement with couples so they can get the assistance they need without surpassing their financial abilities.

With so many benefits of seeking out the advice of a licensed and experienced marriage counselor, it may be time give it a try and have the marriage you have always envision and deserve.