4 Love-Saving Reasons to See a Redding, California Marriage Counselor

Posted By on Oct 18, 2017 |

While marriage counseling is helpful for people who are facing trouble in their marriage, it can also be beneficial for couples who want a healthy way to stay on track and prevent certain problems before they begin.

Some people simply don’t have the skills needed to work through marriage problems on their own, or they want help maintaining their good relationship. Here are a few reasons why marriage counseling may be helpful for you and your significant other.
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1. Learn how to be assertive.

In a marriage, it’s important to be able to speak openly about your problems without worrying that you’ll hurt the other person. This isn’t an excuse to be cruel, but instead, it is a way to get across your point even if it’s difficult for your spouse to hear.

Your marriage counselor will help you both find a way to get what you need and want without making demands or sparking a conflict.

2. Resolve Conflicts Healthily.

A marriage counselor will teach you and your spouse how to communicate clearly and openly so that you can understand one another. Not only will you learn how to speak in a way that your spouse understands, but you’ll also learn how to listen to what your spouse has to say in return.

You’ll both learn how to process what the other one is saying in order to avoid miscommunication and confusion. This will also help you both communicate your needs to one another in a clear way so as to avoid any anger or resentment.

3. Work toward overcoming issues.

If you and your spouse seem to hit the same wall over and over again, your marriage counselor can help you move on from an unresolved problem. Even if you haven’t had luck working through the problem in the past, you may find that it’s easier to express your concerns and needs with the guidance of a professional.

This process also may make it clear to you that your spouse is unwilling to do the work it will take to heal your marriage – in this case, you’ll have the information you need to decide whether or not you want to move forward with your relationship.

4. Discover your significant other.

A huge part of being in a healthy relationship is understanding your spouse and both their desires and needs. At the same time, you’ll learn so much more about yourself and what your own needs are.

Both of you will discover whether or not those needs are able to be met within your marriage; if they are, you’ll learn the tools and skills you need to meet them.

If you’re in an unhappy relationship, you don’t have to wait until things get unbearable to start working out your issues. Marriage counseling can help you voice your dissatisfaction and work through it.

Before you give up on your marriage or try to stick it out even when you know it’s not working, work with a professional counselor to solve your problems and move forward.