Reflecting on 2014 and Pondering the New Year

Posted By on Dec 27, 2014 |

2014 will soon be gone.  This year has not been easy as my brother died of cancer in July. This Christmas was not the same without him and although I know he is enjoying his new home in heaven, we all miss his presence here. We never know from day-to-day what life is going to bring us.  How we live our life on a daily basis really determines how strong we are to handle adversity when it comes. If we think we have any control of our lives, then we are living in a delusion.  The best way to live is realizing we do not have control and learning to relax and let go of our expectations of what we want our life to be. I try to have an attitude of gratitude for all the things in my life, even the hard and painful things. Those things build character and strength and by not fearing them I can embrace them and know God is with me and His grace is sufficient.

I do wonder what 2015 will bring. My parents are getting older and I could lose them at anytime. The economy is getting better, or so they say, and still it seems like there is more month left than money each month. So thankful for all that we have and we never go to bed hungry, like so many others in the world.  I am grateful that I live in America. So many have sacrificed to give us our freedoms. I am also thankful for all the rain we have been getting. I love those rainy days and never want to take them for granted. We need the water.

I turn 65 this year and I will now be on Medicare and getting social security.  How did that happen! Cannot believe I am reaching that age and how quickly it has come. I do not know what this year holds for me, but I do know Who holds the future and I know that whatever comes I am not alone.

There is always a certain excitement about the New Year.  It is like an opportunity to love and give more and hopefully be a blessing to others. Life is what we make it and living one day at a time and being thankful for all things is vital if we want to grow. So as the New Year approaches, my prayer for you is that you, also, will continue to grow and if you need to make changes in your life, that you will have the courage to do it. Everyday is an opportunity and there is always room to grow.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Vickie Parker, MFT, online counseling