Client Agreement

The goal of therapy is to help you reach your own conclusions and solutions to life’s problems. Homework may be assigned and reaching your goals may require change and responsibility to stay the course of treatment even when it is difficult. The process of counseling can be painful and sometimes things may get worse before they get better. Sometimes we uncover painful issues that need attention. Be willing to discuss your background/history and concerns. The intent will always be to be sensitive to your needs, and please feel free to discuss the process of counseling at any time.

Confidentiality will be respected except when plans to harm yourself or others or information about child or elderly abuse is disclosed. Therapists are mandated by law to report that information and it must be reported. Also, children and adolescents under 16 must have the authorization form signed by legal guardian(s) before treatment. If parents are divorced with joint custody, I will need the form signed by both parents.

Sessions are 45 to 90 minutes long and 24 hours notice is required to cancel an appointment. The cost for each session is from $100 to $150, depending on the time spent. If you are seeking couple’s therapy please read the information on my home page regarding “Couple’s Therapy”. For Couple’s Therapy, I have a “No Secrets Policy”, which means, I will not keep a secret that you tell me, if you have not told your spouse. Fees will be charged for late cancellations of less that 24 hours notice or no show appointments.

This web site is secured and precautions have been taken to keep information confidential, which is our goal, but because of things outside of our control, there is always a possibility that hackers can access information. If you are seeking Therapy through Skype or FaceTime, I cannot guarantee the safety of information, due to hackers.

The Personal History Form that you will be ask to fill out, after your first appointment, will be kept confidential. The form is accessed in “Resources”, at the top of the page, under “Forms”, after you have registered. The information helps with the treatment plan for your therapy and I appreciate the time you take to fill it out so therapy can be more effective.

“While I have taken training in the Gotten Method Couples Therapy, I want you to know that I am completely independent in providing you with clinical services and I alone am fully responsible for those services. The Gottman Institute or its agents have no responsibility for the services you receive.”

I hope your sessions will be a time of personal growth and healing and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Vickie Parker, LMFT
California License #MFC 52097

I understand what I have just read and by checking the “I Agree” below, I am acknowledging that I have read the information and I accept the terms of therapy. I agree