Saying Goodbye to the Old and Bringing in the New 

Posted By on Dec 29, 2013 |

A quick update on my last blog. The package arrived at my son’s on December 20th. Ten days after his birthday. The ironic thing is that it came the same day we arrived to spend Christmas with them. Would have been better to just wait and bring it when we came up. The good news is that it did finally arrive.

There is just something about the New Year that brings hope for something new. If it has been a bad year we hope that things will be different with the new one and an opportunity to start over.  If it has been a good year we hope that it will continue. Research shows that News Years Resolutions do not work, but I think there is a part of us that hope our resolutions will be successful. I do not have any resolutions, but I am looking forward to what may lay ahead for the new year.
As I get older the years pass more quickly and I realize more and more how short life really is. My parents are another year older and I wonder how long they will be around to enjoy. I just saw my grand children at Christmas and I cannot believe how fast they are growing up. Jared will be going off to college in 3 and a half years. Only yesterday it seems like he was starting school.
Cherishing the moments is a good way to live because that is all we have anyway. We never know from day to day what life is going to bring, so be thankful for each one. Life is a gift and it can be snatched from us at anytime. Life is not always good, but as long as we have breath we have hope to know that life goes on even when sometimes we wish it did not.
God is our strength no matter where we are in life and with Him we can make it through. Learning to trust and accept life for what it is can bring freedom to just let go and rest in Him with our future.
As we bring in the New Year I want to release the bad and embrace the good with enthusiasm and anticipation. It is not what happens to us, but how we interpret it, that determines the outcome of life.
May the next year be a good one and may we live each day to its’ fullest and live with no regrets.

Vickie Parker, LMFT
Online Counseling