Going for "The Super Bowl"

Posted By on Jan 19, 2014 |

I am setting here with my husband watching the Sea Hawks and Forty-niners play football. We were in town today and it was not near as busy as usual and I am pretty sure many of them are at home or at friends watching the game. The Bronco’s won earlier so we know they are going to be playing whoever wins this game.
We love football in our country and I think it unites us as a nation.
It is incredible some of the plays that are made. The hours and hours of practice that it takes to perfect the plays is obvious. There isn’t a lot of room for error and most of the time they can make the play.
That is the way our life is. It takes practice to get where we want to go. If we have a goal that we want to reach we have to make a plan and do the things we need to do consistently every daily to get there. It is not always easy, but the ones that accomplish their goals are the ones that are committed and continue even when they do not feel like it or get discouraged. The journey can be difficult and if we have someone who can come along side and keep us focused it is a lot easier.
My husband and I are working on losing the pounds we put on over the holidays and it is really challenging. If we were not doing it together it would be a lot harder to follow through when we get hungry. The first week is usually the worst, because it is hard to see anything happening, but if we will stick with it, time will be kind and we will see the pounds come off slowly. That is the hard part, being patient because it takes time. No immediate gratification with dieting. The things in life that are worth having are the same way.
Going to school and graduating, getting a job and making money is a long process. It gets pretty hard, but the ones that keep on trucking and doing what they need to do everyday will eventually make it.
The players at the Super Bowl are going to be there, because they did what they needed to do. The ones that did not, got weeded out along the way. I think that is one reason we love to watch football. We have a lot of respect for the players because they have worked so hard to get there. Part of us would like to experience the high that comes with the win. The thrill of victory
All of us have the opportunity to get that thrill of victory just like the players if we stay the course on our goals and do not give up.
If you are working on a worthwhile goal for your life, I admire you and encourage you to keep the faith. Sometimes it seems like we are not getting any where, but you have to believe that you are.
So, go for the “Super Bowl”, I am cheering for you because I know you can do it.

Seattle Sea Hawks just won, so Super Bowl here we come.

Vickie Parker, MFT