How Tall Does a Tree Grow? 

Posted By on Nov 4, 2013 |

Years ago, I was listening to Jim Rohn, who was a motivational speaker, and he ask the question, “How Tall Does a Tree Grow?” I didn’t know the answer, so I continued to listen.  He said human beings were the only creatures on earth that had the dignity of choice on how tall they wanted to grow.  He wasn’t talking about growth in feet and inches. He was talking about personal grow in our mind and spirit.  I had never thought about that before, but it intreged me.

I remember pondering the question for a couple of days.  I was in a low place in my life and felt like I had no purpose or meaning. He challenged me to reevaluate my life and make a decision on how tall I wanted to grow.  I took the challenge and made the decision that I wanted to grow as tall as I could before I died.

I had never cared much about reading before and only read books I had to for school. He inspired me to read and so I did.  I started reading all kinds of books that could help me grow and be the best I could be.  I recruited three other women that were motivated business owners and we started meeting every week at 6:00 in the morning and started setting goals.  We held each other accountable and we supported one another.  We met for two years and we had so much fun.  We had a bucket list and started checking things off as we accomplished them.

That was fifteen years ago and since then I have pretty much done everything on my bucket list and more.  I went back to school, got my bachelors and masters degree and I continue to grow as tall as I can.  Life is no longer boring for me and stepping out of my comfort zone has increased my confidence and ability to try new things.  I still get scared and have fears, but I choose to walk through the fear and do it anyway.

The answer to the question, “How Tall Does a Tree Grow?” is “It grows as tall as it can.” I am grateful that I heard that question and took action in doing something about where I was in my life. My hope is that I can touch other people’s lives the way Jim Rohn touched mine and inspire people to grow as tall as they can.  It is the only way to live.


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