Ten Ways to Steel Your Husband's Heart 

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It is easy to forget the things that mean so much to our husbands when we have been married for a few years. We get busy with the routine of living from day-to-day and forget to do the important things.  If we can remember to do the little things consistently, it can help to keep the romance alive and the fun in our marriage for as long as we live.


1.  Next time your husband needs to run an errand to the hardware store, or something like that, and your kids are old enough to be by themselves, ask him if you can go with him, just so you can sit next to him and be with him.  This will probably catch him off guard and he may think there is an alternative motive, but keep it light and don’t do a lot of talking, just be with him and see what he does.  This keeps spontaneity in your relationship.

2.  Surprise him by fixing his favorite meal or dessert.  Don’t put any expectations on his response, just do it because you love him.

3.  Tell him frequently how much you love his body and be specific with certain characteristics that you like.  My husband rides his road bike almost daily and he has the sexiest legs ever and I forget to tell him how much I love them. Men love to be admired by their wives.

4.  Buy something sexy and initiate sex once in a while.  He will love you for it. Husbands rarely get enough sex and that is how they connect to us emotionally. Sex is usually more important to them than it is to us.  Respect his needs.

5.  Hire a baby setter or work out a deal with friends to exchange taking each others kids on a regular bases so you can have an evening all to yourselves.  Plan a candle light dinner at home with romantic music or go out to eat or take in a movie or both.

6.  Give your husband an opportunity to do something he loves to do with his male friends, like golfing or hunting.  This will give him time to unwind and distress.

7. In our society men are bombarded with sexy women everywhere, so take the time to look attractive for your husband.  You want him thinking about you, not the woman in the last commercial he watched or the nice looking women at work.  Your husband is not beyond temptation and you want to give him a good reason to come home to you in the evening.

8.  Tell him often how great he is and how much you respect him as a man.  Be specific about the things you respect and appreciate him for how hard he works for the family.

9.  When you part for the day, give him a good kiss and let him know you love him and can hardly wait to be with him again.

10.  Give your husband time to unwind and shift gears when he comes home from work before you start bombarding him with your day.  My husband and I like to set and have a glass of wine and just relax a little before we start dinner.

Vickie Parker, LMFT

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