Ten Ways to Steel Your Wife's Heart 

Posted By on Nov 26, 2013 |

When men were asked, “What men want most for their wives to know about them”, the answer most often given was that, “My wife know how much I love her“.  The way we connect to our husbands is emotionally and when our husbands can tap into us on that level we experience an intimacy  that speaks volumes on how much we feel loved. Here are some ways that will help show her how much you love her and help you connect with her on her level.

1. Tell her often how beautiful she is and let her know that you love her and no one else has your heart.

2.  Take the initiative to plan something special at least once a month. Plan a special date night that shows her you love spending time with her. Make arrangements for a baby setter when needed.

3.  Help her with domestic duties at home, like cleaning up the kitchen after dinner while she relaxes with a cup of tea.

4. Give her a body massage without the expectation of getting sex afterwards. Buy some massage oil that smells good and use it liberally.  It will make her feel good and relaxed.

5. Surprise her with a gift like a pair of earrings or a necklace, not just on her birthday, anniversary or Christmas. Bring her flowers or a sentimental card and let her know how much you love being her husband. She will love you for it.

6. When she ask you how your day was, take the time to give her more than a few words. She really does want to know details and how you feel about things. When she wants to tell you about her day, listen and do not try to fix things if she has a problem. Just listen unless she ask you for your advice. If she doesn’t, then keep quiet, but let her know you are interested in what she is saying.

7. Give her time with her friends and watch the children so she can enjoy some time away from her domestic duties.

8. Spend time with the children and love them. Be a good role model.

9. Be a man of integrity and do your best to make her feel secure by working hard and being dependable.

10. Fore play for a women starts in the morning and if you show your love for her during the day by treating her with tenderness and kindness and being attentive in meeting her needs, she will love you and respect you for the way you treat her.

Have fun trying these things and do not worry about doing everything perfectly.  Remember it is the thought that counts and she will not care if it is not perfect. Remember she loves you. Validate who she is by loving her well.


Vickie Parker, LMFT

Online Counseling